SuperGoogie is a device that turns your regular TV into a Smart TV. It can also turn your Smart TV into a genius, doubling as a PC.

The SuperGoogie streamer is completely legal, like any other streamer or media player.

SuperGoogie, allows you to stream entertainment material. If you download an illegally copied file, that would constitute copyright infringement. However, when something is transmitted online, the file is stored only temporarily on your device, and temporary copies are exempt from copyright laws. You are not receiving, downloading or uploading any content.
What does the FCC say about IPTV?
The decisions of the FCC and the United States Supreme Court on the classification of certain cable services have already concluded that high-speed cable Internet access is not “cable services”, although internet access is supplied by the same physical cable as the video signals. Court decisions are useful in answering the question of whether IPTV should be regulated as a cable service. In March 2002, the FCC issued Decree 8 of Cable Modem on the appropriate regulatory treatment for broadband access to the Internet over cable installations. In this decision, the FCC stated that the cable modem service in which cable providers offer broadband or Internet access is an interstate information service, not a cable service and that there is no separate provision of Telecommunications when the cable operator provides cable modem service.
The FCC Cable Modem Order resulted in the cable modem service not being subjective to regulations under the Cable Policy Act. On national cable television, Ass’n v, Brand X Internet Service (“Brand X”), the United States Supreme Court upheld FCC Order 9 of Cable Modem. At Mark X, the Supreme Court held that the FCC had reached the legal conclusion. That is, that the Cable companies selling broadband Internet services do not provide telecommunications services as defined in the Communications Law and such services are exempted from the mandatory regulation, II of the Communications Act. In Europe, the Court of Justice of The European Union (CJUE) has decided that it is legal to create temporary or cached copies of works (copyrighted or otherwise) online and can be made without the authorization of the Copyright holders.
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Definition of Streaming:
The courts have consistently held that illegal downloading of copyrighted material is an offending act that can subject both the discharger and the facilitator to civil penalties. However, it is important to understand that streaming content is not the same activity as downloading content. While downloading unpaid content creates a duplicate copy of the work in your computer and violates copyright work, streaming content is completely legal as it does not store a copy of the copyright work on your device.
Streaming to your TV using SuperGoogie Smart TV BOX device and its app, is totally legal.



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